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Fencing Accessories

Macrovideo was established in 2006 and is one of the leading CCTV cameras and Security equipment suppliers in the Mozambique.   All the prices shown on the website are retail. A flexible system of discounts is available for dealers, companies that install the security systems, and regular customers.


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Price Excl:Mz281.25
IVA Incl:Mz329.06

Nemtek stay for 8lines Square bar 750mm

Brand: Nemtek
Model: EST/L/HDL
Total Stock:

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Price Excl:Mz181.25
IVA Incl:Mz212.06

Nemtek Stay for Square tubo 6lines 600mm

Brand: Nemtek
Model: EST/L/HD
Total Stock:

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Price Excl:Mz625.00
IVA Incl:Mz731.25

Large tail hook

Brand: Nemtek
Model: ES-H/LT
Total Stock:

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Price Excl:Mz1656.25
IVA Incl:Mz1937.81

Compression spring /MOLA

Brand: Nemtek
Model: ES-CNT
Total Stock:

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Price Excl:Mz2062.50
IVA Incl:Mz2413.13

Gate contact mounting bracket

Brand: Nemtek
Model: EA-SGC
Total Stock:

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